Chia pudding

Last week i went on a roadtrip in scandinavia and came across,for the first time, with chia seeds. My very good friend who hosted me in Copenhagen prepared this delicious brekfast!! She prepared a Chia pudding which was delicious!  Thanks to her my mornings since i came back are healthier than ever and fueled with… Continue reading Chia pudding

Patras my hometown in Greece

This summer i spent part of my summer holidays in my hometown, Patras! Patras is a small port city in south-west Greece.   I  love love love Patras not just because of its beautiful buildings and the nice architecture… but also for the easy access to the beach … and because of the thousands of… Continue reading Patras my hometown in Greece

Weekend Escape at Naupaktus “Ναυπακτος”

Ναυπακτος  is a small seaside town 18 kilometers away from the city of Patras,my hometown, and almost 2 hours away from Athens, the capital of Greece. Naupactus or Nafpaktos or Ναυπακτος  in Greek is an ideal weekend getaway for you and your friends for couples or family trips. I feel myself lucky enough to be… Continue reading Weekend Escape at Naupaktus “Ναυπακτος”

Coffee time in Karakoy

This morning i had the pleasure to drink my morning turkish coffee in this wonderful place! Halis Bekrizade Efendi is located in Karakoy, one minute away from the “tunel” and 7 minutes away from Galata tower. This place is located in a small sokak with lots of green around it and a wonderful  sea view  that made… Continue reading Coffee time in Karakoy

Belgrade my love

    Last weekend I was in Belgrade, Serbia,to participate to a UNESCO conference. I can not find the words to describe my happiness for visiting once again one of my favourite cities!!! The first time I’ve been in Belgrade was 3 or 4 years ago as part of a language exchange program between University of Macedonia in… Continue reading Belgrade my love

Happy Anniversary!!Happy two Years in Istanbul

     It was two years ago, on Valentines Day, when i  moved to Istanbul for a three month internship. My plan was to live here for 3 months, save some money and move to Beijing, China for a year. I was thirsty for adventure and exploring new places. China seemed the perfect destination, Far enough… Continue reading Happy Anniversary!!Happy two Years in Istanbul

My monthly dose of love

This morning i received a small box from bikutumutluluk. I can not express with words how happy and excited i was to open the box and find out what was inside. I felt like my 4 years old students when I give them stickers or lollipops!! I was jumping and clapping my hands, with a big smile on… Continue reading My monthly dose of love

Boza – a Turkish traditional winter drink

   Boza is a fermented  drink made from Wheat Durum, Water, Sugar, Roasted Chickpeas and Cinammon. It is rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. Some of the vitamins found in Boza are calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamine and zinc. Boza was produced  first by native Anatolians and Mesopotamians at the 9th or 8th millennia BC. On the 4th… Continue reading Boza – a Turkish traditional winter drink