Belgrade my love

    Last weekend I was in Belgrade, Serbia,to participate to a UNESCO conference. I can not find the words to describe my happiness for visiting once again one of my favourite cities!!!
The first time I’ve been in Belgrade was 3 or 4 years ago as part of a language exchange program between University of Macedonia in Greece and University of Belgrade in Serbia. The second time was two and half years ago when i lived and worked in Belgrade for more than three months. I completed an internship with NURDOR, an organisation for children with cancer. This time, i just stayed for 3 days but it was enough to bring tears of happiness to my eyes. Belgrade “volim te” .



2016-03-01 13.58.59

“Architecture ”

2016-03-01 14.03.022016-03-01 14.02.232016-03-01 14.15.48

2016-03-01 14.20.26


“Brankov Bridge”


“Knez Mihailova”




Some precious moments from the UNESCO conference


Whoever goes to Belgrade shall try some “plazma” biscuits . . . or a “plazma” shake


Coffee time!!


Feeling like home..

“Queen of Greece”   and some Greek yogurt!!!


Me and Beo-Grad (beautiful city, where Belgrade was named of)

2016-03-01 14.27.53

I’ve become so much richer after this trip..I have so many new friends from all around the world. .


4 thoughts on “Belgrade my love

  1. I have been wanting to travel to Europe so Belgrade is officially on the list.

    Your pictures are beautiful. Did you use a camera or your cell phone?


    1. Dear Beebeehart,
      Belgrade is a lovely city. Small enough to visit it for a short trip,if you lack time. Unfortunately i didn’t have my camera with me so i used my mobile phone. Thank you ☺

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