Coffee time in Karakoy

This morning i had the pleasure to drink my morning turkish coffee in this wonderful place! Halis Bekrizade Efendi is located in Karakoy, one minute away from the “tunel” and 7 minutes away from Galata tower.2016-06-07 20.09.11

This place is located in a small sokak with lots of green around it and a wonderful  sea view  that made me feel so happy, once again, for being in Istanbul! and then the coffee came and all these delicious turkish delights!!

2016-06-07 20.07.29

It was really so hard to choose which ones i would eat with my coffee..that’s why i tasted them all, kind of 🙂  2016-06-07 09.15.43

If you ever have the chance to visit Istanbul then i wold deffinitely suggest you to visit this place and buy some turkish delights as souvenirs for yourself or your friends!!  You can even taste some for free! Afiyet olsun!!

2016-06-07 20.06.49



5 thoughts on “Coffee time in Karakoy

    1. I share the same feeling with you..i wish i could travel more and explore the whole world!there are so many wonderful places worth to visit!!! I wish you a life full of hapiness and travels


    1. Istanbul is an amazing city!!so multicultural! It is worth visiting ☺ and the food is soooo tasty and delicious! I’ve never been to paris,but it is in my bucket list


  1. Halis Bekrizade Efendi looks like an amazing place to visit and I loved its decor! Being a caffeine addict, I’d love to visit there. And all those delicacies look mouth-watering! So difficult to choose! 🙂


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