Patras my hometown in Greece

This summer i spent part of my summer holidays in my hometown, Patras! Patras is a small port city in south-west Greece.

  I  love love love Patras not just because of its beautiful buildings and the nice architecture…

but also for the easy access to the beach …

and because of the thousands of happy memories that i am coming across at every single street or corner of this city(with my little sis)..

   The best part of visiting my hometown was of course seeing my family once again! Since i moved  to Istanbul, more than two years ago, i do not see them as often as i would love to. That’s why when during the holidays i always grasp the chance to go and visit them.

   In the city centre you can find the Ag.Georgiou square with its Fountain and the City Theatre Hall. I like this square most, amongst the tens of squares that you can find in Patras, because of its diversity. At afternoons you can see teens skateboarding or playing their guitars and you can also see older people sitting at the benches talking chatting . You can even see well dressed people waiting to enter the theatre or rebells camping at the square, rotesting and singing .

Watching the sun setting in Greece is always an amazing experience.

Most of you do not know that since i left Greece 3 years ago i’ve been always desperately in need of a nice cold coffee,preferably Freddo Capuccino.

I love you Patras!!



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