Chia pudding

Last week i went on a roadtrip in scandinavia and came across,for the first time, with chia seeds. My very good friend who hosted me in Copenhagen prepared this delicious brekfast!!


She prepared a Chia pudding which was delicious!  Thanks to her my mornings since i came back are healthier than ever and fueled with energy!! I must admit..i fell in love with chia pud ☺ 

The preparation of a chia pudding is an art by itself. All these fruits and nuts and colourful ingredients.  When it’s finished it looks like a masterpiece!!

Unlikely, mine do not always look that good..but they do taste terrific! I will share today’s  pudding above..



To make this pud i used chia seeds, strawberries, pomegranade, kiwi, coconut milk, oatmeal and almonds!!


Afiyet olsun!!
Καλη ορεξη!!


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